Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Take that, Tumorbeast

Stable-icious. Sing it to the tune of "Fergalicious." Add silly words about smashing a tumor. That's what Sahara and Shannon did this evening. LOL. It's 12:40 am and I just got the 1:00 am IV bags ready; thought I'd hop online and blog about our fabulous news before I hook her up. Way to go, Mrs. Hecht, for being the first interview granted by Sahara. HA!

I got the call from Houston late this afternoon: the tumor is stable. When I got off the phone, I completely lost it. And Sheryl, who bit her fingers and waited for news alongside me today, also lost it. It was such a relief to know that this horrid thing hasn't grown. Given the speed that glioblastomas can grow, this was truly wonderful to hear. I called Sahara to let her know, and she was SO happy...I hadn't heard her squeal like that since Dylan Sprouse gave her his wristband at the Disney Channel Games last spring. :) It was great to see her spirits lifted so much. And Shannon was finally able to breathe again. The weekend of waiting was really tough.

She has the confidence, the faith and the strength. God is seeing us through this, opening doors, and giving us hope.

In other Aldridge news, the Lady Comets swept a doubleheader on Saturday morning and now have a 4-0 record! We have such awesome girls on our team...simply great kids with so much heart. Every girl on the team scored. All of our Upward kids are so much fun and enjoy playing every weekend. Sahara and I were there in spirit due to an early morning IV change, but hope to be there this coming Saturday. Go Comets!!!

Gotta go hook 'er up and get some really fast sleep. LOL. Thanks to everyone who continues to pray - IT IS WORKING!!!!

With love,