Friday, January 19, 2007

Birthday wishes

Okay, all of you jokers that sent NY the snow: TAKE IT BACK. It's pretty and all, but now that it's fluttering gently onto the lawn, I've had my fill. I'd much rather marvel at how green the grass is for January.

I've got to leave early this morning since NY drivers are on the Slam and Swerve Plan whenever it's snowy or rainy. So, a quickie:

There's only one thing that could make this day better, and that's to receive my birthday wish. :) What an amazing day...thank all of you SO MUCH for your cards, emails and calls. I had a truly wonderful day.

Shannon gave me the most beautiful flowers (he hand picked every single flower at the florist's, and they designed an enormous's amazing), and he and Sahara gave me a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. One of these days, perhaps I'll have time to go shopping. LOL. We went to dinner at Outback this evening, where we had great steaks and sinful desserts. I got my cheesecake fix, so I'm a very happy girl. Shannon also did cheesecake, and I let Sahara get the Chocolate Tower cake, which is a ridiculously large piece of chocolate decadence. She hasn't eaten anything like that in ages, and since it's a special day, I thought she should have something sweet too. She's so good, though...she just ate part of it and saved the rest for later.

Special thanks to Paul and to your card today from the radio benefit. You guys rock...and we love you! (Paul, Sahara enjoyed talking to you so much. You two will have to chat again soon!)

To my friends near and far at RS4 - thank you for making this a very special day for me.

Tomorrow morning we get the next MRI. We're all nervous and anxious, because MRI days are so scary. I just hope and pray my only birthday wish will come true. Keep praying...

With love,