Thursday, January 11, 2007


I saw something today I haven't seen in a long time: my breath. New York finally got cold for a day or two. And yesterday, while headed to a meeting in another part of the city, we drove through a sparkling snow shower. It didn't even think of sticking--and was virtually gone in seconds. But everyone in the car agreed: it was snow, and if that's all we're getting in 2007, cool.

Hello everyone,

Today was pretty cool...Sahara visited our fabulous hairdresser, Shery Varney (she's in Jackson at Trendsetters...go see her and let her work magic on your hair!!!!!!). She wanted to get her eyebrows waxed. She even got a haircut! I didn't expect to say those words again for a very long time. Shery smoothed out the patchy areas and now she has a neatly manicured head. LOL. She even let Mrs. Hecht see her hair when they ran into each other in the grocery store this afternoon! She is getting more comfortable with it, and I am so glad.

Tonight when I kissed her on the head after she fell asleep, I noticed that wonderful freshly-washed hair smell...I hadn't experienced that since the last time I brushed her hair in Houston, before I came back home for that one week in September. When I went back, her hair had mostly fallen out, and since then I haven't had the privilege of washing or brushing her hair. It was a really sweet moment. When there hasn't been hair for so long, you really appreciate it when it starts to grow back. :)

So glad the weekend is almost here, and it's a three-day one at that. I'm trying to schedule a nap for one of those days. LOL.

Take care!