Monday, January 08, 2007

Nurse Amy's Orders

Hello everyone!

There is a time each year that Shannon loves even more than football season (or maybe it's a tie...but it's close regardless). That time is now, with the start of Upward Basketball season. Although Sahara can't play this year, Shannon is still coaching the Lady Comets, and Sahara is his assistant coach. It was so much fun to see everyone at the game yesterday - we have several of our players from last year on the team, and they are the BEST group of girls! We love them so much. They came ready to play, too, and won their first game of the year! We are so proud of the way they played together. It was tough watching Sahara on the sideline, and I know it was hard for her to be a spectator instead of a player. I'm glad that she's able to participate in this way, though, and that by next year at this time she'll be ready to suit up and take the floor. In addition to coaching the team, Shannon's also a referee for other games. Good thing he's in shape, because they really run him up and down the court. LOL. It's fantastic therapy for him. It was a really great day at the Rec Center.

Sahara's doing her best to beat her cold and is feeling much better this evening. I'm trying hard not to catch it from her, but as I sniffle and cough, I have a feeling it's a lost cause. Oh, well, I haven't been sick since last spring, so I'm really overdue for a round. Where the heck is my Flonase?

We had a wonderful time visiting my nephew Darrin and his great family for a while Saturday evening. They had a lovely meal, and I even got a surprise early birthday cake! That was really nice and much appreciated. :) There's never a dull moment at their house and it's always so much fun.

Finally got the Christmas tree taken down today. I always hate that task, and even more so this year. The remnants of the rest of the decorations are still scattered about, but at least I have more room to move again.

Wanna know what I hate? Seeing Christmas candy marked down 75% - sitting right next to the freakin' Valentine's Day candy that was put out this week. Give us a break, retailers!!!!!!! We haven't gotten over the holidays yet!!!!! AAAARRGGGHH!!!

Tomorrow Sahara will start homebound schooling again. We are so out of practice with studying and schoolwork...we will have a lot to catch up on. Hopefully she will feel like studying this week. She still gets tired, and too much information overwhelms her, but she has a wonderful teacher in Mrs. Goode. What a patient soul she is, and we are glad to have her helping Sahara!

To everyone at RS4 and beyond who has been working so hard, continuing to hold fundraisers and planning for future events, thank are so precious to me and I appreciate each and everything you do. God bless you all. :)

Have a great week, and hug somebody you love today!