Monday, January 22, 2007

Mrs. Hecht, AKA the Nancy Drew of Missouri

Many hundreds of years ago, my mother was a teacher. My husband is a teacher, too, although he's taking this year off. I contemplated teaching a few times but realized I did not inherit the magic eyes in the back of my head that enable me to know who's about to shoot a spitball. Or worse.

Still, my mom managed to pass down some of those inquisitive teacher genes, along with her low blood pressure and her ability to make soup. So while I worked like a mad little beaver today, in between projects, I kept wondering what was happening with Sahara's results.

Well, Mrs. Hecht clearly got the full version of Teacher Curiosity, because not only did she go searching for the information, she FOUND it. Direct from everyone's favorite orange-clad pixie herself.

So here's the scoop: My tumor is stable. It didn't shrink, and it didn't grow. I’m on the highest dose of this medicine that I can take and at the rate I’m going I’m pretty sure that this thing is eventually going to shrink down to nothing.

That's the way to kick its ass! And, special thanks to Jennifer Hecht for getting the exclusive interview!