Sunday, December 23, 2007

Free as a bird now

Christmas Eve is almost upon us, and we're spending a few precious days in the sunshine. There's something to be said for riding with the top down in December. And for hearing the phrase Merry Christmas at every turn. Everyone has a right to celebrate openly and with a joyful heart, no matter what holiday they observe.

This year, so many of us were blessed to be part of this story. A story of hope, faith, determination, and even miracles. A story of profound love and courage. And although the story took an awful twist, I cannot and do not believe it is over.

Don't you believe that all of us are a little better off, a little kinder, a little more appreciative, for having been involved? I know I am. I know I met people along the way who amazed me with their spirit, and I now count them among my cherished friends.

To all of them, and all of you who keep coming back here to show your love for everyone in Sahara's world, best wishes for a Christmas filled with blessings, joy, and laughter.