Thursday, December 20, 2007

Closing out the year...with a big sigh

Hello everyone,

2007 - it's finally coming to an end. This year has been full of so many things...the highs, the lows, and the unimaginable. You know, I never stopped believing that Sahara would beat that tumor. I never let myself believe that she would actually die! Maybe I figured that if I never let myself believe it, then Sahara would never believe it, either. She knew that I was never going to give up. And she certainly never gave up. She always talked about the future and did not dwell on the past. Time just wasn't on her side, and her body was so tired. It was time for her to rest. And as much as we have always loved this time of the year, I have to admit that I will be glad to see the lights and decorations put away. It's just too much.

There is, unfortunately, another little boy in our area with a brain tumor, and he and his family need your prayers. His name is Gunner Gillespie. Gunner's dad, Gus, is the coach of the Marshall County High School boys basketball team. As you can imagine, this immediately struck a chord with us on many levels. Basketball gets into your blood, and surrounds you with great people who believe in KIDS. So please, keep this family in your thoughts. Gunner's website is If you have a moment, consider adding a note of encouragement to their guest book. I know they will appreciate it, as we have appreciated all of the support you have given to us.

We are working on some very cool things to do in honor of Sahara in the coming year. I'm excited to have some projects to keep me busy. And of course, Upward Basketball games begin in January, so that will be a great way to focus on something very worthwhile.

Somehow, we are surviving...literally taking this one day at a time...and I won't say it's getting any easier, because it really isn't. But we are learning to function again. We've been keeping to ourselves for the most part, and will eventually start coming out of our self-imposed shells. For now, though, we're just searching for that elusive thing called peace.

We wish you blessings and a sweet Christmas. Please try to keep your holidays from being too commercialized...and stressful...don't lose the true meaning of the celebration. Maybe next year we'll be able to participate in the season. Only time will tell.

God bless you all.

With love,
Amy and Shannon