Friday, December 14, 2007

Speaking words of wisdom

I debated whether to go with that (from Let it Be) or Ice, Ice Baby...but then I realized that a good bunch of you are too young to remember that monstrosity of a song. And don't go looking it up. Truly a mistake, although the stolen riff from Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure IS a brilliant bit.

It is cold and icy this morning in New York, but it's supposed to warm up quickly, before we get hit again tomorrow. I guess we're going to have a winter this year. I was hoping we'd be off the hook. I hope your place in the world is warm and safe. Preferably with palm trees and drinks that involve small umbrellas and fresh coconut...and if you're there, maybe Amy and I need to come inspect or something. Hmmm.

She and Shannon are feeling their loss more these days, and that's absolutely to be expected, in this season of holiday wonders. So many people have wrapped them in love, offering them places to go, carols to sing, cookies to be tasted. And while that warms their hearts to no end, right now it's too hard--too painful a reminder of what they've lost. So, if they say no...please don't be hurt. They know your intentions are good...they just need more time by themselves.

Rest assured they won't become crabby little hermits...these are the people who gave us Sahara, for God's sake. But if they need quiet time at home, alone with nothing but a wheel of cheese, then that's what we can give them. There will be plenty of time for cookies and mistletoe in 2008.