Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Time may change me...I can't trace time

Happy 2008, everyone. I was never so happy to mark the new year. At midnight, I raised a glass to new beginnings, to better times, and choked back the last mouthful of tears on 2007. Good riddance.

Amy and Shannon marked the holidays quietly--and managed to get away for a few days in the sun, too. She described it as a mix of laughter, tears, and lots of silence. Silence, when staring at palm trees and the ocean, is an incredibly healing force. I'm filled with hope for them this year.

J and I returned from our mini-break on Wednesday morning and by Friday I realized I'd brought a souvenir home...no, not THAT! Some wretched coughing child passed on the speed-plague and I've been miserable for days. Go buy stock in Kleenex. I'll make you rich.

My resolution: Laugh more, and stop taking it all so seriously. Life is too damn short.