Monday, June 18, 2007

Relay for life

Our star has agreed to photos--and they're adorable! I'm working on putting up a little album, so practice your patience. They're worth waiting for--I hope to have them for you tonight.

We had a such a nice, peaceful weekend, and I'm so grateful for that. Sahara did the Survivor's Walk (I mean, "ride") in the Relay for Life Friday night. It was beautiful...and next year I'm going to participate in a bigger way. I had no idea how touching it would be. I had tears in my eyes almost immediately, seeing all the survivors and walkers who were there raising money. It was held at Capaha Park, which is such a lovely, idyllic place, and it was a perfect, warm, summer evening.

Jen Hecht was sick, unfortunately, and we missed her! Her family was there, though, and it's always great to see them. :)

As we walked around the lagoon, my heart was so full...seeing all of the survivors in purple shirts, the luminarias along the sidewalk (I even found one of Sahara's! And I know it was Gramma Dooley's, because on the back it said, "Love to the moon and back!"), and watching Shannon push Sahara in her wheelchair.

It was a very emotional experience. Sahara really loved it and plans on WALKING next year! Thanks to everyone in our area who worked so hard to make it a truly amazing event.

Sahara asked to go shopping yesterday to get Shannon some Father's Day gifts. We had fun at the mall, and she picked out some cool new clothes for him. :) It was a great Father's Day, spent relaxing and spending time together. There's no better way to celebrate the day.

We're all excited about the dinner/dance coming up in Cairo at the end of the month! It is going to be so much fun, and I hope that a lot of people from our area are able to make it. The food and music are going to be great, and we are going to have a blast!

Have a great week!

With love,