Friday, June 15, 2007

Helping's better than food and (for the grown-ups) s-e-x

This one is for all my English teachers, who are probably either long gone from this earth or too busy correcting grammar at the nursing home to notice. But I care. It's that red pen in my brain. It wants to fix the paragraphs in that last post SO badly. And I've tried... but even today, it's not happening.

Moving on, I'm just going to say it once again: if you're near Cairo, go eat the pork chop for Sahara. And if you're not, think about buying one anyway. If $15 for a pork chop donation is too much (we all understand that), then do what's right for you. Maybe it's $2 for cole slaw. Or $1.35 for a couple cans of beans. It all helps tremendously. Her treatment is frighteningly expensive.

And, according to this morning's news, helping can actually get your brain all excited. Scientists now say that giving to charity turns on the same magical wires that get happy when we have good food or sex. (Adults only, for goodness sake!) Here's the story: