Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's all good, baby

I’m so glad that Pamela had a much-deserved vacation. She is truly the Godmother of this organization - without her, I couldn’t communicate with all of you! Isn’t she the greatest???

We have had a marvelous couple of weeks…the only bump was having to increase Sahara’s decadron slightly (we were soooo close to getting her off of it…drat). There has been a lot going on around here! Shannon’s been working with her as much as possible, stretching and exercising her legs, arms and hands. A couple of days ago, she regained the ability to wiggle the first finger on her right hand. Shannon and I were bouncing off the walls because of this, and she, as usual was like, “what’s the big deal?” ARGH!!! It takes a lot to impress this kid. LOL. But we know what a milestone it was. She couldn’t do that for so long.

She is also going outside every day now, and LuLu cries like a big ol’ baby when she goes back in the house. It is so wonderful that she wants to get out and do things again.

Horseback riding continues to be a hit, and last night was the best session yet! Grayson (horsewoman and volunteer extraordinaire) rode with her, and Sahara loved it. She was much more comfortable and was able to ride for a full 30 minutes. She told me over and over that she had SO much fun. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful therapeutic program here!!! To Betsy and ALL of the volunteers who give so generously of their time - THANK YOU. You are truly gifts from God.

Speaking of gifts from God, we are thrilled to announce that the construction on Sahara’s bathroom began this week! Grampa Dooley has coordinated this miracle, and it is coming together so well. The tub was installed today. They still have quite a way to go, but it is so much fun to see it actually coming together. Every evening, Shannon has to wheel Sahara down the driveway, down the street, up between our yard and the neighbors’, through the gate, through the laundry room and family room to see what progress has been made that day. (’cause there is NO WAY she’s going down those basement steps…LOL)

She is getting really excited about finally having a bathroom that will suit her needs! When we can finally have everything she needs on one floor, I am going to breathe the biggest sigh of relief. And I know she will too. We owe all of this to the Milwaukee fundraiser angels…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thanks to Linda and the gang for sending the amazingly cool stuff from that fundraiser - it was like a party in a box!!! The next best thing to being there, for sure. We had so much fun going through everything, seeing the faces in the photos, all of the great stuff that was given out…it was great. Sahara loved it all!

Susan F. - I’m still having a hard time convincing Sahara that it really, truly IS Rick in the Mission Magic cartoons!!!!!!! (“Oh, come ON, mom, he doesn’t sound anything like that”)Thank you for sending that dvd!

We have a small problem here…Shannon is rooting for San Antonio, while Sahara says that the Cavs will take the championship. I have a feeling there will be some sort of wager between them, and if I know Sahara as well as I think I do, if she wins it will involve shopping. Lots of shopping. LOL. (Hey Paul B. - Sahara said to tell you GO CAVS!!!)

With love,