Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cairo, without the baksheesh

Wouldn't all of us go to the ends of the earth to help Sahara? How about Cairo? No, not the one with camels, broadcasted prayers, and the best lamb kabobs I've ever tasted. Been there, done that. Still trying to figure out why they had chickens in the airport.

But there's a smaller Cairo with a bigger heart, and for many of you, it's right across the river. In a couple of weeks a wonderful group of Sahara helpers are putting on a great party to help her--and it includes a pork chop dinner. It's incredibly reasonable. It's going to be a blast. What's stopping you?
In fact, what's stopping any of us? Click on the poster to the left (I'll add full details on the fundraising page this weekend) to get the scoop. If you're local, stop by or call one of the businesses listed on the poster and sign your family up.
Can't make it? Why not buy a dinner anyway? Let's show the people in Cairo that we support their efforts to help Sahara. Sit tight on that and I'll get you an address. Promise.
Sahara continues to do well. She had so much fun riding last night. She told me that it's much better riding with Grayson up there with her - she's not scared to fall as long as she has her hands on her shoulders. Grayson rides in back, and S rides in front, holding the bar. They decided that the bar was easier than reins, and it helped so much. Sahara looked so comfortable this time! It was great!

This weekend is the Relay for Life here in Cape. We are doing the Survivors Walk on Friday evening, pushing Sahara along in the wheelchair. It should be fun. I know Jen (and I think Dan, too) Hecht will be walking in the Relay itself. Bless her heart. She is so wonderful. Gramma Dooley is out of commission for a while following last week's foot surgery, or I know she'd be walking as well! Everyone send her your healing vibes!

The bathroom is rockin' right along and will hopefully be done sometime next week. Sahara is very happy about that. :)
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