Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rocked for Hoops

The Rickchicks continue to amaze me, and if you are a Saharafan, tonight when you say your prayers, add a collective thanks to the mix for blessing the world with such a spirited, giving group. And another thanks for giving Rick the heart, soul, talent (and body!) that inspires his fans to help Sahara.

Saturday's Rockin for Hoops luncheon brought in an amazing $13,450 for Sahara. Which means, if I've read the plumbing catalog right, we can definitely do that solid gold toilet with the mink seat. Woohoo, people! Bless you all.

It's almost as exciting as having Rick talk about me during last night's concert...I just hope that giant carrot wasn't headed in my direction. Oh my.

Seriously, though, thank you to every single person in that room--and every single person who helped make it happen. You are all blessings in Sahara's life.

A big thanks to Laurel for sharing the photo in her online gallery--great shot!