Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good vibrations

Sahara's had three really good days in a row. She's been sitting up more, talking more, and acting much more alert. Today she had an MRI, which is always nerve wracking, but we all did very well. We finished too late to get a radiologist to read the scans, and I had to get the cd shipped overnight to Houston. They'll have it soon enough, and we will hopefully hear some GOOD news tomorrow.

Praying hard that the improvements she's had lately are good signs that the beast might be shrinking. As soon as we know some results, I'll let y'all know.

A million thanks to everyone who participated in the Milwaukee fundraiser on Saturday...another fantastic effort by our Rick Springfield fan club family. Sending big hugs to Teresa, Linda, Pamela, Dawn, Michalle, and ALL of you who helped or attended...our deepest love and thanks. Thanks to Rick for the shirt off his back, too. LOL.

My goal is to attend next year- and perhaps help with a fundraiser for another family who needs it - with Sahara by my side. :)

And just how lucky are we??? We have GRAMPA Dooley heading up Sahara's bathroom project!!! This family was truly heaven-sent to us. Sahara is looking forward to taking baths without Shannon having to haul her up the stairs like a sack of potatoes. LOL. If it wasn't such a scary sight, it would make a reeeeally funny video.

Horseback riding was cancelled today, dang it. Maybe we can go another day this week. She enjoys that SO much. It's a great motivator to get her out of the house for a while!

I'll post again when there's news about the MRI. Everyone just keep praying!

With love, Amy