Saturday, May 26, 2007

Love is all you need

Since God and Sahara seem to have things in good hands lately, I'm going to take a little break. This evening, I'm zipping out to Vegas for a few days of bright lights, excitement, great shows (we're seeing Love, woohoo!) and delicious dining...not to mention a spa treatment or two.

So, you'll just have to re-read the last few posts again and again for the week. Hey, they're awfully good. Rest assured, if Amy calls me with anything y'all should know, I'll chew my way into the hotel business center to get the story out there.

Besides the garden-variety Aldridge worship we all do so well, I want to send extra-special (with leopard spots and sparkly beads) thoughts to two of our Sahara site regulars. Nancy from Boston recently completed a 96 mile bike ride for charity with Sahara on her back, in her heart, and of course, on her wrists. Brava!

And Gramma Dooley, bless her heart, finally gave up her gall bladder. Rumor has it she made the anesthesiologist and the surgeon both buy a Sahara bracelet...and she woke up singing "Don't talk to strangers..." Healing wishes to you, my friend, from everyone out in Saharaland.

See you in a week!