Thursday, May 03, 2007

I want Candy

Horseback riding went wonderfully last night!

The place is called Mississippi Valley Therapeutic Horsemanship. It's way out in the country in a beautiful area just north of here. The organization has been around for seven years, but they just moved into a brand new facility that is so impressive. They serve nearly forty kids of all different ages and abilities.

I know Sahara was very apprehensive, but she wanted to do it so badly that her courage won the battle over the fear. When we got there and met the volunteers, it was obvious that we had found a place that she would love. After we had the initial introductions and a look around, they asked us to come out into the main area. We rolled her wheelchair up onto the platform, and they helped her get on the horse.

The horse's name was Candy, a beautiful Appaloosa with the sweetest personality. They got her secured into the belt, then two people flanked her sides to keep her from falling, and a third person led Candy around the ring. Sahara was so scared at first, but then her smiles told me that she was having a blast for the first time in a LONG time.

She rode for 20 minutes! It was a huge event for her...and she says she's ready to go back again next week. It was such a great experience. Looks like we finally found something to get her moving again! YEAH!!!!