Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Everything is beautiful

Yesterday at work we had an event that involved roaming photographers, and despite my pleas that I am Amish or photograph hideously, they snapped away, every chance they got. In the vast majority of the candid shots, I am curling in my lips in a really bizarre fashion, no matter who I'm talking to or sitting with.

This makes me think that this is actually my normal work face, and that scares me. Do people see me like that? What do they think? On the other hand, my hair, which is a month overdue for both cut and color, looked cool. I really do have early-60s Beatle locks. Who knew?

How we see ourselves...it's so important, isn't it?

Hello, everyone!

The past week has been so wonderful - a dream come true. Sahara has been feeling so much better! The MRI results and news about the possibility of the tumor being dormant have really made a huge difference around here. Maybe, just maybe, we have taken a turn for the BETTER for a change.

The weekend was the frosting on the (chocolate) cake. LOL. She woke up Saturday ready to go places and do things. We were astounded by this...she has barely left the house except for doctor's appointments for the last 6 months. Horseback riding was our first glimmer of hope.

But Saturday was incredible. We dragged Shannon along, and I know he enjoyed it too. First she wanted to go to Target...imagine that. Next we hit Petco, then strolled through Goody's.

We ended up having dinner at Outback, where she enjoyed a big salt-free steak. :)

It was so much fun to be out and about, doing things that we used to take for granted. It didn't end there...Sunday she asked to go to the mall. The MALL!!! We spent about two hours shopping for summer clothes, had a pretzel, and made our obligatory girly purchase at Bath & Body. (Have you smelled the new Sunset Mango lotion??? HEAVENLY!!!)

On our way home we were listening to the radio, and suddenly she was singing along to "Here I Go Again" byWhitesnake. She has always loved that song - and sinceI haven't heard her sing in months, that was such a great moment!!! She told me later, "Mom, I really had fun this weekend." THAT was pure music to my ears.

Thanks to Madison Cannon for sharing your birthday cake with us on Saturday...Sahara would live on the cake diet if we would allow it. LOL. And really, one piece would have been enough!!!!!! :)

Tonight was special, too. Sahara was given the CJHS Terrific Tiger award for the month of May, which was presented to her at the school board meeting this evening. The Hecht clan joined us there, which was so sweet. (Erin and Evan, you give great hugs!!!) It was all I could do to hold it together when the board members presented her with the medal and certificate. I kept thinking how much has changed since she won the same award at CMS exactly one year ago this month.

When everyone clapped for her, I was so very proud. It took guts for her to overcome her nervousness about going out in public - but I think she's done it. We thank the teachers and principals at CJHS for being so kind to Sahara in giving her this award. Sahara said,"But I didn't DO anything!" I had to explain to her that she has been so tough, fighting like crazy to beat this tumor, and she has been on the hearts and minds of the CJHS family all year. They wanted to honor her with the award. That seemed to satisfy her!

Tuesday means a trip to the horse barn and a fun ride on Candy. Sahara can't wait to get there. It is so nice that she now has that to look forward to each week. What a blessing!!!If we can continue on this track of steady improvement, things are gonna be a whole lot brighter around here. Thank GOD for the miracles we have seen in the past week. We are so grateful that Sahara is smiling more and more. :)

With love, Amy