Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But takeout is so delightful...

Apparently those of you in the midwest have decided to play winter. Fools! It was 68 in New York today. My roses are still in bloom. Why, oh why would I want to deal with ice and snow? Y'all can keep it.

Unfortunately the storm's wrath slammed the little Aldridge clan hard. They are holed up in a nice little hotel just outside the St. Louis airport. Their flights were cancelled. They're working on getting re-booked for this morning, but with all that snow on the way, it doesn't look good.

Amy managed to find the one restaurant in town that would deliver, thank goodness, and despite her fear that their car is back at the airport in a 14-foot block of ice, they're still hoping to get going sometime today.

Would it be so terrible to pray for a quick thaw?