Friday, December 01, 2006

The best-laid plans

Hello everyone,

Well, we're off to Houston again today, with hope in our hearts. Sahara is feeling better; not great, but well enough to travel. We have a full day of appointments on Friday. The MRI is the scariest thing, as usual.

I'm looking forward to visiting our friends at the Ronald McDonald house - I really miss the folks that we became close to while we were staying there! We plan to drop in when we have time.

LuLu the Wonderpuppy has found her place in the Aldridge clan. She is sooooo cute, and smart, too! She's quickly learning that the backyard is her bathroom - NOT the basement floor! I appreciate the housetraining tips we've received, and once we get back from Houston we will begin training her in earnest. This week has been touch and go, but she's done exceptionally well. She is a brand new bright spark in Sahara's life, and rarely leaves her side. Animals are such great therapy! I'd really love it if someday we can get her certified as a therapy dog...I've seen what wonderful effects they can have on sick children. I'd like to be able to give back, as so many have given so generously to our family. Aunt Sissy is puppysitting this week, and LuLu has promised to be a very, very good girl (as long as she can sleep in Aunt Sissy's lap.) LOL.

A few extra prayers couldn't hurt, and we certainly appreciate them if you have the time...we'll be in touch when we get back. Keep thinking those positive thoughts. :)

With love,