Wednesday, December 27, 2006

All snug in their beds

Everyone is home, safe and sound. Sahara and her entourage were headed to Amy's sister's house for Christmas day, and the rest of us, whereever we were, were either holding our bellies and moaning "That was SO good, but why did I eat SO MUCH?"

Amy will have an update once things are settled; I'll pop in when there's something to say. Right now, my husband and I are getting ready to have our own Christmas. If we'd brought the gifts on the road with us, we would have been in deep trouble. And if we had taken his Beetle (he has the convertible, I have the hardtop) we would have been in crisis mode.

I did have one cool Sahara moment during the trip: at Christmas dinner, my brother Davy tossed in a comment about Gramma Dooley. I whipped around so fast I think my eyeballs got bruised. (I didn't know my family was following the site.) "I want a bracelet from Gramma Dooley," he said. Proper big sister and Sahara supporter that I am, I pulled one right out and handed it over. So now she's got fans in central Ohio, too.