Monday, July 30, 2007

Wonders of the world

I'm back from Missouri, where the ground actually steams after a summer rain...and the traffic lights sometimes get stuck with all three colors lit up at once. But I'll forgive them, because they have good barbecue and even better potato salad.

Sahara's party was lots of fun--and the guest of honor even got out on the dance floor, leading a train of her fans and encouraging her mother to shake her groove thing. One of the funniest moments of the night? Shannon and Amy were out on the floor, and Sahara caught them kissing...and grimaced like any other mortified teen.

There were kids, adults, a huge posse of nurses, teachers, friends, coworkers, hummingbirds, and even a curious doe, all there to check out the fuss and cheer Sahara on in her quest to conquer the world. Bless them all--and also the wonderful group of Sahara's friends who helped with invitations, addresses, party prep, and all the other tasks--even though they couldn't be there that night because they had camp or family obligations.

They were there in their hearts--and Sahara knew it. She had gorgeous flowers from the kids who couldn't be there (which proved to be much too tempting to her cat, Cleo). They are all an amazing bunch.

As for me, once I had a very long nap (because I am apparently old), I got to spend all day Saturday with Sahara and Amy. at their house, touring Cape and the surrounding countryside, and hitting the bullseye mecca: Target, where Sahara treated herself to a snowcone machine. Shannon was off in St. Louis enjoying a Cardinals/Brewers game, and so we were three relaxed girls together, hanging out.

I'm sure Amy will want to fill you in on everything I'll just say it was good--and once again, people were charming, gracious, and welcoming. And yes, of course Gramma Dooley was there...along with Mrs. Hecht (and her adorable children), Q the basketball coach, and the infamous Mr. Ellis, who allowed Amy to drag him onto the dance floor and proceeded to give both me and Sahara the nose-snorting giggles.

The reality is that Sahara is still a very sick young lady--but her spirit (and sass) comes through loud and clear. Her eyes shine, and she pops off her trademark laugh when it's well-deserved. During the trivia portion of the evening, when the adults were struggling for answers, more than once, Sahara calmly called them out. And they were right. She's in there, people. Don't forget that for a second.