Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Full of beans

It was 3 bajillion degrees in New York today, but I had an oreo malt with dinner and then went for a long swim. By the time I got in the pool, the water was warmer than the air. Delicious.

Hello, everyone!

Drumroll please...now a guitar solo...LOL...THE BATHROOM IS FINISHED!!! Grampa Dooley came over Saturday morning and did the last of the work, installing the trim and putting up the cabinet and mirror. It is absolutely beautiful - what a transformation! After we get all of the rugs, towels and a shower curtain picked out, I'll post some photos. :) A huge thanks to all of the great guys from Miller Drywall and Dutch Enterprises who did such a wonderful job, and to Grampa Dooley for coordinating the whole thing!!! Sahara loves it, and it is going to make her life a LOT easier. And we couldn't have done this without the incredible generosity of the Rickfans and the Milwaukee fundraiser. You all will never know how much we appreciate what you did, and how much you have helped Sahara!

Oh, and as an added treat, Grampa Dooley brought us something special...Gramma Dooley's Should-Be-World-Famous Ham and Beans and cornbread. They definitely lived up to their reputation - SO good! Thank you for sending those to us! We enjoyed them so much.

We can now congratulate Gramma Dooley for contributing to the official wardrobe of General Hospital. Rick asked me to send him some extra Sahara bracelets, because wardrobe needed them for his dual role as Eli Love that's now coming to light. They kept what they needed and Rick SOLD the rest! So now we have other cast members proudly sporting Hope for Hoops bracelets. Woo hoooo!!! (BTW, I personally think that GH should have Rick, oops, I mean ELI, sing some Sahara Snow songs...hmmmm....)

A special thank you to Michalle G - we truly appreciate your hard work on Sahara's behalf!!!

We managed to sneak in an MRI last week - and the tumor is still STABLE! And everybody said, "Amen."


With love,