Friday, July 20, 2007

Still bouncing, but with glee

After that Diet Coke fiasco, I managed to swear off caffeine for one whole day. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do like my spot of tea--iced, of course, no sugar. Yesterday, I tried to do without, as I spent two days this week feeling as if my finger was duct-taped in an electric socket. Last night I had a small iced tea and am pleased to report that I didn't explode.

Now, I could continue to tease all of you about the big surprise, but...Amy has decided to throw back the giant curtain:

Hello everyone!
We're just coasting through the summer and loving each minute of it! Sahara continues to feel better, and she's so excited about her birthday next Tuesday. We are up to our eyeballs in birthday party plans, and it is SO wonderful...particularly since we were initially told that she might not make it to another birthday. They didn't realize what strength this girl has! :)

The biggest obstacle to doing birthday invitations is finding all of the addresses we need! I miss the days of the little directories we would get when she was in elementary school...they had all the contact information for all of the families. It made it so easy to reach the kids when an event was being planned.

We are going to attempt to send invitations to as many folks as we can and hope that we don't miss anyone. I may just post an invitation here on the blog! More details to come very soon.

The birthday blowout will be Friday, July 27th! Sahara did her horseback riding this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it as usual. We had some rain in the area and it really cooled down the barn, which was nice. There were three other kids riding during the time we were there, and every one of them was so happy. It's so obvious that this is an awesome therapy!!!

We're finally getting our house back in order after the construction. It is such a relief to have things put back in their places. LOL. I only have a couple of finishing touches to put on Sahara's bathroom, but she's done all of the design herself. It is SO pretty!I hope to post some photos this weekend.

I hope you're all making some time to enjoy these great summer days. It's my favorite time of the year. Have a great week!

With love,