Monday, July 23, 2007


In New York, it is officially our birthday. In Missouri, Sahara's got about 40 minutes left to be a kid...and then she's a teenager. Sahara, so help me, if you ever pierce anything or get a tattoo, you are in big trouble!

As for big trouble, don't you think she's done an admirable job of kicking that tumor's ass all year? Just a year ago, the doctors were all serious and solemn and intent on scaring the bejesus out of all of us. Hey docs! Y'all didn't realize who you were dealing with, huh?

When I blew out the candles a year ago, I wished for what the docs said was impossible. I asked God and the birthday fairy to give Sahara another year. One year later, I'm convinced it was the coolest wish I ever received. Guess how many years I'll be wishing for THIS year?

Why don't you all join me? Sometime today, buy yourself a cupcake. Light a candle, make your wish for Sahara, and blow. Let's light up the sky with all our wishes.