Thursday, April 12, 2007

Throwing fruit

Greetings from the middle of the night... we're all back home now. The Easter bunny was very good to me--how about you? Turns out he knows about sugar free chocolate...and about really cool French bistro cookbooks. I had fun showing my chicken-fingers-only niece and godchild the pictures and swooning over some of the recipes and descriptions, in French. Let's hope she suddenly feels the urge for pommes de terre and poulet aux citron avec legumes. Oui oui!

The Milwaukee lunch is just a month away and there are a number of fun things in store for Sahara fans. It has now unofficially been dubbed the Potty Party, as well as the Sahara Shower. And the latter is on the right track. The money raised by that group will be earmarked for turning Sahara's nearby powder room into an accessible full bath so that it's easy for her to freshen up. We all know how amazing a good shower can feel when we're achy, so let's step up and get this one taken care of.

Want to help? You don't have to come to Milwaukee. Just leave a message with your email address in the comments section and I'll have someone give you the full scoop.

Speaking of full scoops, it's time to let the cats out of the bag:

Hello everyone,

After a harrowing couple of weeks, it looks like we are back on track. Sahara had some pretty serious electrolyte issues as well as an as-yet unidentified viral infection that really put her down for the count for a while. Her treatment causes her sodium level to increase, and potassium level to decrease. We manage this by watching her diet and giving her potassium supplements. Sometimes, though, the levels get weird, and boy, do they throw her system off balance. We had to spend a few days in a luxurious pediatrics suite at St. Francis Medical Center. :) If it wasn't for being sick, it would be the best place to stay in town! A million thanks to our angels there: Karen, Roberta, Michelle, Melissa, Teresa, Lisa, Jane and Andrea, Becky and of course Dr. DeCoursey. We love you all!!! And Sahara says you have the best orange jello in the whole wide world. :)

As I mentioned last week, the tumor has actually shrunk by just a tiny bit...about a millimeter. The monster hasn't grown since she started the treatment, which is nothing short of miraculous. We have our tough times, but Sahara continues to beat the odds. Many children are not so lucky, and we truly thank God every day for our blessings.

I am totally bummed out by last weekend's vicious cold snap, which has wiped out all of the fruit that is grown in our area. The peaches, the strawberries, the grapes at the wineries...all frozen. This is terrible! My heart goes out to the farmers, and I'm selfishly sad that we won't have much at the Farmer's Market this year!

The wonderful folks at Make-a-Wish will be coming in this month to deck out our family room, and Sahara is so excited. It'll be interesting to see what she actually wished for, as I only know bits and pieces. I made myself scarce while she spoke with the volunteer. LOL. The poor lady's head was probably swimming by the time she got done listening to Sahara chatter about her wish!

Unbelievable...there are only 100 cookbooks remaining! If anyone wants one, Shannon will have them until they are gone. We are so honored by the interest that has been shown, and so grateful for the money that has been raised for Sahara's Slam Dunk Cancer Fund. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of the wonderful people I work with at Southeast Missouri State University and the vendors who donated the supplies to produce the books. Our deepest thanks to everyone who was a part of this amazing project, and to everyone who has purchased a book!

P-Mac Music here in Cape Girardeau is planning a cool Sahara promotion - stay tuned for more information! It's the coolest store in town and it's about to get even cooler. :)

It's almost the weekend, so I'll wish everybody a good one. Get out and have some fun with your kids! And if you don't have any kids, borrow some from a friend or relative!