Friday, April 06, 2007


If the Easter bunny is visiting your house this weekend, I hope he brings you all your favorite jellybeans. And if you are dutifully eating your matzohs and wishing you hadn't finished off all that gefilte fish, here's to a Happy Passover, too.

I'm spending Easter with my family in Ohio; a first since I got married in 1996--and even before then, I think it had been a while since my parents had moved down south for a few years. I think it will be nice--especially seeing the kids in all their finery. Earlier this week, a friend invited me to her new home for a Seder with her family and that was wonderful--the food was delicious and the conversation was yummy, too! (Okay, so I didn't eat the gefilte fish. Oy.)

Amy sent me a quick update last night from the docs in Houston. Still good news, but they must be those "the glass is half empty" people. Harumph! Perhaps they've been eating too many black jellybeans.

The official MRI report from Houston today is a bit different, as I expected. They take into account the entire dimension of the tumor, not just individual "sides" as measurement. While it's true that the tumor lost some volume on one of the sides, overall it has shrunk by only about a millimeter. They are still calling it stable, which is also great news and nothing to sneeze at. I thank God for this!

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and if you ignore the bitter cold temperatures, Happy Spring!