Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rain, rain, go away

So apparently a lot of us have sore arms from holding up umbrellas for the last few days. Some of my colleagues spent hours bailing water, so I'll consider myself lucky--a dinky little tree branch fell, some of my daffodils look like they were smacked, and my clothes from Sunday are still wet and may be that way forever. But otherwise, nothing!

However, my trees have been appreciative. My apple tree has the tiniest little bud nubs this morning, and my red maple is covered in itty bitty leaves. And all that salty residue on the cars? Long gone.

In just about everything, there are blessings if we know where to look. Although I'm struggling to figure that out for that community in Virginia. Sometimes tragic goes beyond words. There is nothing we can say that's right. I consoled myself watching photos of parents finding their kids, healthy and whole. Perhaps they were estranged, I thought. Perhaps this made them realize that all the other stuff didn't matter. But then I came back to reality. So today, add those families to your prayers for Sahara.

Hello everyone,

Sahara had been SO looking forward to going to the Grizzlies/Nuggets game on Saturday night! Unfortunately, it was just too soon after her illness to try to make any kind of trip. She simply wasn't up to it. Shannon and Dan went and had a wonderful time. He really needed to get away and enjoy something fun, and they really had a blast. Thank you to our generous ticket benefactor!

She and I slept a lot over the cold, rainy weekend. Her medicine dosage has been decreased a bit since the episode earlier in the month, and I'm only doing IV bag changes twice a day instead of the normal three. This is good news, because we don't have to get up as much! I think we're still catching up on lost sleep from three months back. LOL.

Make-A-Wish is coming soon! I'm getting really curious now...I've been told a few things that are going to be happening. I'm going to take before and after photos and post them to the blog, because I think it's going to be an amazing transformation!

Extra special thanks to the amazing Karen W. for saving the day on Saturday, and on your day off, even. Can I post your little prayer to the blog? We kept saying it all day. LOL.

Not much else going on, which is not necessarily a bad thing where this household is concerned. LOL. Have a good week and I'll check in again soon!