Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hippity hoppity

Today it's all about the no matter where you are in life or the world, ask and believe. Spring is a time for renewal, new growth, and a fresh perspective on the life we've created for ourselves.

As awful as these last nine months have been for Amy, Shannon and Sahara, they have been filled with miraculous moments and gifts for so many of us--and even them. When she moved to Cape a few years ago, Amy raved about what a wonderful, upbeat community she'd found, and how happy she was to be raising her daughter there. While I'm sure Shannon liked it too, I don't think it really hit him until Sahara's tumor arrived and his entire community and church came together bearing unconditional love, support, and fellowship.

They always were blessed to live there--but now they know in their hearts just how good people can be. So here's to the people of Cape and Jackson and all the surrounding towns: if you've ever wished there was just one more thing you could do for the Aldridge family, know that you are giving them the greatest gift already--your prayers, comfort, and support.

As for those of us who inhabit the rest of the world, wouldn't you all agree that we also are blessed by being part of the story, no matter how large or small? No matter where we are, we can hope, we can cheer, we can pray. We can tell Sahara's story to anyone who will listen. Let's just remember to talk about the good times, too. About this vibrant and funny girl who once popped her head over a fence to meet a new neighbor (just like a happy gopher) and announced "I'm Sahara!" and dispensed giggles like she carried a giant laughter-shaped Pez.

That's the tale we should tell, especially today, when miracles seem far more than possible. Happy Easter.