Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who let the dogs out?

Amy reports in:

Long day today ... she's been getting sick from all of the meds.

Had some visitors from home, including her middle school principal Frank Ellis (whom she adores), his lovely wife, and Madison, one of her best friends,and her family, who are just the greatest, most supportive people.

S slept a lot while they were here, but sure did light up when she saw them.

We also had a visit from a fabulous lady named June, who brought her Dalmation named Nelly...she's a therapy dog. S just loved petting this calm, sweet, beautiful creature. What a joy this lady provides to the sick kids at this hospital. Says she's done it for 11 years. Yet another angel on earth that we have met this week.

Dr. Park is in surgery late this evening, so we are still waiting for him to come by and check her out. I was really hoping to have test results today...but I continue to wait. Got to run...back to the 12th floor.

Who was it that said it, or sang it: the waiting is the hardest part.