Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Birthday girl

Sahara celebrated her birthday yesterday with cheesecake, balloons, and flowers. Not a bad rebound for a girl who spent the earlier part of her day meeting with doctors and trying to keep her parents amused.

Parents. Please. The doctor tells you you've got a brainstem tumor and all they do is freak.

Sahara has no intention of letting this thing win. She's got far too much living to do.

This afternoon, the docs in St. Louis were taking the plunge--diving into her brain to figure out just what stupid sort of tumor decided it was welcome to take up residence inside her head. She'll likely stay in the hospital overnight, and biopsy results can sometimes take a few days.

So sit tight, be patient, say a prayer, and do something nice for a sick kid today. In the midst of all that parental weeping, Sahara ordered her dad to buy crayons and notebooks (with her birthday money) so she could give something to the sick kids.

She rocks.