Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Notes from Amy, Sahara's mom

In between staring at her daughter and wishing hospital chairs were just a bit more comfortable, Sahara's mom sent an update:

She has done very well since the surgery, which lasted about 4 hours.

Unfortunately, the biopsy they did last night came back inconclusive. They've sent off a sample for further testing, and cannot tell us when we'll get the results.

Waiting is the worst. I stayed beside her all night, trying to catch a few zzz's , which was pointless. Slept a couple of hours this afternoon.

She has passed every test they've given her, so I'm praying that the biggest test of all will be passed with flying colors as well. She has been fully oriented (even knew what day it was).

She's strong. She ate some orange sherbet a few minutes ago.

Her neck hurts (a 5 inch incision) but she is dealing so well. Takes pills every hour and never complains. I don't know how she does it. Even told them earlier she didn't want the morphine for awhile.

Keep praying.

You heard the lady. As for Amy and Shannon, they're staying at a hotel near the hospital. If you'd like to leave them a message, or share something with Sahara, comments are on.