Friday, July 28, 2006

Help me if you can I'm feeling down

Attention creepy thing in Sahara's head:

You've made your point. Now go away. Shrivel up, pack your duffel bag, and sneak away in the middle of the night. No one will try to stop you. Keep going until you find a creepy guy with a beard named Osama. He'll provide just what you need.

Thank you.

In other news, Amy sent this update today. Naturally, she's frustrated. Anxious. As we all are. As for me, I can't imagine having to eat those godawful powdered hospital eggs. Send those to Osama, too.

Tired, worried, tired, worried. It doesn't change.
No results yet. There should be a law passed that results must be returned within 24 hours.

It's torture. (FYI, biopsy results can sometimes take 10 days.)

Sahara woke up in such good spirits this morning. She was actually hungry, and ate a blueberry muffin. She did ask me if it was "real," because the yucky scrambled eggs they offered yesterday were NOT. Iwouldn't have eaten them either. Blech.

She sat up all by herself, her speech has improved, and she can turn her head from side to side. She's recovering, at least from this part.

She keeps saying that she's going to be FINE. I believe her. Last night she flipped Shannon off...that has to be a good sign. :)

I love this kid so much ... please keep the legions of faithful praying long and hard. I want to see her make her awesome three-point shots again.