Monday, November 05, 2007

Calling all angels

I've started this blog at least ten times and hit the delete key, unable to find the words that convey what is in my heart, and what is about to take your breath away.

Sahara died this evening.

She went peacefully, in her sleep at home, after a full day of hard work at physical therapy. One moment, on earth...the next, in heaven. Gone in a breath, in a heartbeat.

Amy and Shannon are broken and yet they are resilient. They know their beautiful, sassy daughter is in a better place, and at the same time, they are stunned and miss her terribly. I talked with both of them this evening, and we cried together. But even in our sorrow, we celebrated that amazing child who danced into our lives in an absolute explosion of energy and joy. She was bright and tenacious and wise beyond her years.

Sahara bit into life like a perfectly ripe and dripping peach, and howled with laughter as the juice ran down her chin. She was an athlete, a warrior, a teacher, a comic, a minister, a child of God, and an extraordinary girl.

She changed us all.

I have no doubt that she is plopped out on the sofa next to God tonight, exhausted after shooting 17 perfect 3-point shots, and giving God and Jesus major giggle fits as they relive some of her magical moments on earth.

They are lucky to have her...and we are blessed to have known her.

I'll post more when I know more. Amy and Shannon need your prayers right now, so wherever you are, please pray that they find comfort. We're going to cry our eyes out tonight, and then we're all going to imagine Sahara looking down on us and snorting. So in her honor, toss your head, find a memory to celebrate, and laugh from the deepest part of your belly. That is the only tribute that can possibly do her justice.