Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lazy, Hazy Summer

I'm on vacation this week; the kind where one lolls around, reads silly novels, eats lots of gourmet popcorn (thank you!) and makes difficult decisions like, oh, asparagus or peas for dinner? Shall I have black beans or pinto beans in my salad? Hmmmm.

Tomorrow evening, I may just go to a concert, given that some tasty morsel with a string of hits happens to be performing a mere 5 minutes from my house. I'll keep my eyes open for you ladies from Saharaland. Please be kind and try not to laugh at my skunk-striped hair. Why waste a good swimming day in the salon?

Sahara, Amy, and Shannon are all doing well. Sahara had some things checked out last week and the docs said they're fine. She's hitting a bump with one of her meds at the moment, but it will get sorted out.

One more thing--that bathroom of hers? Gorgeous! Bright, cheery, filled with color and life. When this ordeal is over, the kid really ought to consider a career as a decorator. Kudos to her, to Grandpa Dooley, and to everyone who helped make it happen. Even the guy with the jackhammer. Y'all did good.