Thursday, August 09, 2007

I felt the big beat

Oh, Sahara! I have something for you. A certain rocking gentleman sent me home with a hug for you. If we could just bottle his energy and essence, you'd be cured in a heartbeat. I am convinced.

Rick put on a great show in Westbury, Long Island last night--as did his band--bringing the audience to its feet before he even walked into the room. We enjoyed every note--but especially when he sang the blues. Someone give that man a hound dog. Please. And yes, I can report that his Sahara wristband was viewable from all parts of the theatre.

As it should be. I had my eyes peeled for Rosie and Nancy. There was a Nancy doppelganger with Nancy hair but a different face. Alas, the Saharagirls stayed hidden all night. But I know they all had fun--and I know they all imagined Sahara and Gramma Dooley up on that stage, blaring it out. Don't talk to strangers!