Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good day sunshine

Good morning!

Just checking in with the world of Aldridge fans and saying hello. Amy spent last weekend with her wonderful Rickfriends in Nashville, and her quick tales to me by email made me want to pack up a bag and GO. There is an amazing story out of that, but you'll just have to be patient for a while longer. Giggle.

Y'all will be delighted to know that I have just signed on with cold #10,000 for the school year, which means that I am now officially banned from having any more. Or so I'm wishing. Don't offer me a bit of comfort or sympathy (I'll take a tissue, though). I'm just going to be humble and refuse my crown of cough drops. My colleagues and friends all seem to be zipping from one cold right into the next this winter. It's just one big barking thrill.

Take your vitamins and get plenty of sleep. And if you see me coming, run!