Monday, February 25, 2008

The 21 Club

There's a very nice piece in the Southeast Missourian this week--make sure you check it out. It's at

Those of us who come here regularly know how much Sahara still affects our lives. We see her in the most wonderful little spaces. Whenever I see something orange, for example, I'm apt to mouth the words "Hey, Sahara" or "I know you're out there, birthday twin." She's forever tied to Gummy Bears for me, and the heavenly aroma of TI body lotion from Vegas, and the tickle of fresh kiwi slices on my tongue.

The article shows how she's still very real on the basketball court, and how her parents pushed aside their grief to support a team of local girls through the season. A fine season it was, and those girls truly championed the meaning of Hope for Hoops. A year ago, that meant something so very different--especially to Amy and Shannon. Now, it's something we can all take into the future--lifting up those who need it along the way.

Who will you inspire today? Who will benefit from your spirit?