Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh, K

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry for my online absence these past few days...not a lot to tell lately. Sahara's been feeling pretty crappy, but we're hoping that by this weekend she'll be perking up again. The high dosages of meds and a dip in her potassium level have combined to throw her for a loop, but Houston tells us that these things are normal. They might be normal, but they still make us worry. Gotta stay positive, though, and work through the tough days so we can get back to the good ones!

It really made her day to see Rick wearing his Hope for Hoops bracelet on GH today - she was so excited. She's just sure he wasn't supposed to be wearing it, but he got away with it because "he's just cool like that." LOLOL.

Glad to finally see some snowflakes piling up outside - even though it's not much, it covers some of the gray of winter for a while. All of us are wishing for a blizzard! Sahara can't wait to see how LuLu reacts to the snow. She's not crazy about the cold temps we've been having, and has on more than one occasion looked at us like we're nuts when we try to get her to go outside. HA!

Deep sympathy to the Hecht and Dooley families for the loss of their 19 year old cousin Travis in a tragic car accident. I can only imagine the pain of his family at this time; I am sure that the reality of it is and will be nearly unbearable. It can serve as a reminder to everyone, though...please wear your seatbelts and teach your kids to do the same, always, even if you're going on a short trip. Our prayers are with you precious ladies.

Everybody stay warm and safe.

With love,