Sunday, November 19, 2006

We've got spirit yes we do

Hello everyone, and happy weekend to you! Sahara has had a great week! She sailed through chemo again without getting sick, hallelujah! She even felt like going to school for a couple of hours on Tuesday. That was the highlight of her week, without a doubt. For days and days, she had been trying to get all of her school supplies (the ones we bought in JUNE) organized and ready to go. It was a very positive "first day" for her, and she loves her school. Thanks to her wonderful teachers and friends for showing her the ropes!

She also began homebound classes this week. Reality says that she can't go to school full-time, which is such a drag for her, but she has really enjoyed what she's been working on at home with her teacher, Mrs. Goode. It's so great to see her looking forward to class time. :)

Physical and occupational therapy has been going extremely well. Her balance has improved quite a bit this week, and she is getting some great exercise in the gym. She has always been such an active girl and I know she is glad to be moving again. And as of today, her OT says that she appears to have full range of motion in her right eye - this is incredible news! The left one still has limited side-to-side movement, but they are doing eye therapy to see if they can get it back to full strength. Eye therapy - who knew? We continue to learn more and more.

Lady Redhawks basketball officially began this week, and it's about time! We are all very disappointed that Coach BJ is not with the team any longer, but we will keep on supporting the players and coaches that remain. We're looking forward to the day when Sahara has enough strength and confidence to be a ball girl once more. For now, she's an enthusiastic spectator!

It's been a very positive week and we are so blessed. Thanks to everyone for keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers...I have no doubt that it's working. There's a church nearby that has the greatest words on its marquee, and it makes me feel good each time I drive by:

Time changes
Weather changes
Jesus is the same

Hope everyone will find something fun to do this weekend!

With love,