Thursday, November 09, 2006

I've got chills, they're multiplyin'

It hit 71 in the city today. I don't know about you, but I think I like this global warming stuff. Mid-November, and I have the windows open. Not so terrible, is it?

Lots of email traffic this week and I'll take some time to update the HELP/HOPE page this weekend. We've got more info on the dance performance, a cookbook, and Blimpies is getting in on the act, too.

Hello, everyone!

We began the next step in our journey on Monday, with Sahara receiving her first outpatient chemo at St. Francis. She sailed through it with no problems at all. Stacey, our new nurse, really knows her stuff and has such a great personality. She's a Rick fan too...another mark in her favor! LOL.

Last night was the time I had really been dreading. She took her first dose of CCNU, a very powerful chemo drug that is often used to fight brain tumors. It is one of the few drugs that can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. It is also wicked, a very potent drug that lasts for six weeks in her system, and can have some particularly nasty side effects. Dr. Sides (our doc here in Cape) gave us all sorts of warnings about how sick she could get after taking it. After I gave Sahara the capsules, I was prepared for the worst. I put the trash can right beside her and slept beside her on the couch.

She slept the entire night, woke up fine this morning, and asked for eggs and toast for breakfast. LOL.

I am SO relieved - the first dose is done and she's tolerating it! This drug can cause white blood cell and platelet counts to crash between 4 and 6 weeks from now, so we have to keep a close watch on her counts. Let's just all hope and pray that she stays WELL the day of the Rick show, because if she had to miss that on top of everything else, I think she will spontaneously combust with frustration.

Speaking of that frustration, she wants so badly to go back to school. The paperwork has been submitted to get her started on homebound instruction. She will also be able to go to some classes at school as she feels like it. Sahara is bored out of her mind and misses her friends! With luck, next week she'll get to do some things.

I want to thank blogger Michael Manning for pulling off yet another seemingly impossible act for Sahara - he's chartered a bus to bring fans to the concert from Cincinnati! This is incredible! We are going to have such a fantastic crowd at this show!!!

Well, time to get back to family business. Laundry stops for no woman. LOL.

Much love,