Friday, October 19, 2007

Sacrifice the chicken already, would you?

Greetings from the Fountain of Icky Chest Gunk. My entire office begged me to go home today and as I crawled to the parking lot, I swear I saw them wiping down the front door handles with disinfectant. I managed to have a big bowl of onion soup before retreating to my warm bed.

I promised you an update on the Wonderchild, and Amy was all too happy to oblige:

Hello everyone,

Time marches on here in Rehab World. I can't believe we are now in our fourth week! Sahara is still doing very well, in spite of fighting the fatigue that comes with changing medications combined with hard work. Some days she is so tired that she simply has to go back to bed and sleep; other days she gives 110% to her therapists all day long. She has such a wonderful group of therapists working with her - I am so happy with everything they've been doing. She is so much stronger, her skin is finally beginning to heal, and she is sitting up much straighter than she could before we got here.

Her hair is growing in quickly and so far it is straight, LOL. She hated her curly hair with a passion - that's why she had them shave it ALL off for the surgery!

On the down side...her audiology appointment this morning confirmed one of my fears. She has profound hearing loss in her left ear - likely it began with the chemo and was finalized by the surgery. Her right ear is in great shape, though, so thankfully she can function really well and handle normal conversation. They told me to hold off for a while before considering any kind of hearing aid, due to her age and the ever-so-slight possibility that it could improve with time and healing. But for now, when you talk to Sahara, be sure you are on her right side! :)

There are now three people on our floor under the age of 45 who have had strokes!!! What a wake up call this is. Seems like there are more and more younger people who are getting what we used to consider ailments of the elderly (but then again I also remember thinking that 40 was soooooo old.).

Shannon's visit was great and we had a lot of fun. It was so nice to go out for a meal really take simple things for granted when you have constant access to them. We can't wait to get back home!! I'm going to do my very best to get some "normal" back in our lives, although I don't know if I really remember what normal is anymore.

We hope to be able to come home soon!